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ManezCo is developing an online educational platform, Valearnis, for high school students. Our educational ecosystem is designed with 'student-centric learning' at its core, engaging with our students is essential for a successful learning environment.

Valearnis provides learning content for students in bite-sized, iterative quizzes, allowing them to absorb knowledge in a meaningful and tangible way. The content we use to educate is fully curriculum relevant, following the Australian National Curriculum, we cater for all four subjects - Maths, Science, HASS, and English. Combining new-age educational concepts such as ubiquitous learning, active knowledge-making, personalised learning, multi-modal meaning, iterative feedback, and metacognition allows us to deliver highly effective, engaging, and meaningful education to students around the world, regardless of their circumstances or socioeconomic status. 


The main problems we are solving are student disengagement, high teacher workloads, resource disparity, differentiated learning needs, and curriculum irrelevancy. The features we are tailoring together in our web-application include:











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ManezCo Pty. Ltd. is a proprietary limited company based in Western Australia. It was founded by Samreid Manez (BSc Geo) in Boddington WA.  The teachers affiliated with ManezCo come from diverse backgrounds and have excellent qualifications. For instance, our head of Mathematics is an ex-fighter pilot with a degree in Law, Asian studies, and Education. We strive for excellence at ManezCo, as educating the students of today determines the landscape of tomorrow. 


We believe Education is an essential human right, and that it needs to be more engaging for our students. ManezCo follows a fully distributed remote working program, meaning our employees can work from wherever they please as long as they have an internet connection. With the advent of Zoom and Google Hangout, the talent pool for ManezCo employees is international.

We are an Australian startup that is seeking to revolutionize the education industry by creating an all-encompassing educational platform. Our application provides theory, quizzes, animations, on-demand reporting, characters, levels and experience, and leader-boards. We've created an MVP and are currently seeking seed funding. Our application is curriculum aligned; the students are learning appropriate and useful information, with the added benefit of a reduced load on our teachers. All major subjects are being covered, such as Maths, Science, HaSS, and English. 


Our traction includes: 

  • Over 100 beta testers.

  • Presented with the Highly Commended Young ESTEAM Champion of the Year award.

  • The subject of a Peel Bright Minds documentary on entrepreneurship.

  • Intent to purchase from 4/5 teachers.

  • Creation of an MVP.

  • Winner of the 'golden ticket' at Plus Eight's SPRINT pre-accelerator program.

  • Conducted countless educational incursions and guest lectures in schools and at community centres.



Samreid Manez

CEO and Founder

Samreid Manez is the CEO and Founder of ManezCo Pty. Ltd. Samreid has worked diligently to source talented content creators for the company's Educational Platform, whilst creating the Science and IT areas of the platform. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Geology from Curtin University, which he uses to inspire young minds in STEM and innovation. He also has a Short Term Japanese Studies Cert from Waseda University.


Giving back has always been a pillar of foundation at ManezCo, Samreid has dedicated his free time to volunteering and donating prizes to Boddington District High School and the Boddington Recreation Centre, earning him the Australia Day Youth award. Recently, Samreid was the recipient of the 'Highly Commended Young ESTEAM Champion of the Year Award' from Peel Bright Minds.


Sagar is passionate about technology and enjoys taking on new challenges. He has four years of Software Development experience and has worked with various NGOs in India to help promote free education. He is a big movie buff and a foodie. Sagar also loves exploring new places and taking endless photos. He is currently pursuing his Masters at the University of Melbourne, and strives to enhance the e-learning experience for children via ManezCo's education platform.


Senior Programmer


Matt has worked as a web developer in Perth for the last 5 years, building and contributing to websites of many well-known businesses and organisations within Australia. He has a Bachelor of Science with a double major in psychology from the University of Western Australia, which is put to good use when considering things such as user experience and accessibility concerns on websites. In his free time, Matt enjoys reading literary fiction, playing video and board games, and hiking in beautiful places.


Front-end Programmer


Jet has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is proficient in building SaaS web applications with Python and different tech stacks.

Outside of work, Jet enjoys cooking, exercising and playing video games!


Back-end Programmer


Rhys, our front-end developer all the way from Fukuoka, Japan! In his spare time, when he's not creating impressive React applications, Rhys games, skateboards, peruses Manga, and spends time playing with his daughter.


Front-end Programmer


Piumi holds a bachelor in IT, majoring in Programming and mobile App Development which was obtained from Deakin University, Melbourne. With excellent knowledge and experience in programming languages such as React.Js and JavaScript, she is excited about developing our MVP with her team members. Piumi is from Sri Lanka but moved to Australia for higher studies which allows her to be proficient in both English and Sinhalese.


Front-end Programmer


Cameron holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics from Reed College, as well as a Master's Degree in Mathematics from Portland State University. Throughout his academic career, he has worked as a mathematics tutor for students of all ages, and has maintained a passion for sharing the innumerable insights of maths and science with his students. He is excited for the chance to communicate these insights through the ManezCo platform. In his free time, Cameron enjoys travel, photography, and gaming.



Maths & Science 

Linh is a motivated Student Teacher currently pursuing Commerce/Secondary Education degree in the University of New South Wales. Linh is passionate about exploring the common ground between students' diverse learning interests, aiming to deliver the most appropriate lesson plans that satisfy both students' and ACARA's requirements. She is excited to join ManezCo and develop innovative learning methods for student engagement and mastery.


English & HASS

Brianna is currently in her second year at Murdoch University studying a Bachelor of Game Art and Design. Her passion lies in concept art, especially in character design and concept illustration. She is excited to start working with the rest of the ManezCo team and producing art that will help motivate and engage students. Brianna is a lover of animals, especially her cats, she spends her free time drawing and playing video games, which further increases her passion for character design.


Graphic Artist

Janice always had a keen interest in arts and crafts, particularly in drawing, which made her pursue a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design at Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney. As a designer and illustrator, she has a flair for creating visuals that are eye-catching and filled with depth. With her fluency across Adobe Creative Suite, she is keen to see how her works can create an engaging learning experience for students learning with ManezCo.


Graphic Designer



Samreid Manez
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Anna is a fourth-year university student currently studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Social Science at Macquarie University. With her interdisciplinary studies, Anna aims to assist ManezCo in relevant legal areas. Anna enjoys Badminton and holds a black belt in Taekwondo. 


Legal Consultant


SK is a publishing industry veteran who has been in the journalism industry for years. Winning a literary award in early childhood spurred a love for the written word and cemented his future career path.

A lifelong learner, he gained real-world expertise in diverse, niche, and traditional industries through an eclectic career. This includes stints as a tech incubator, angel investor and venture capitalist, in addition to an extensive CV in the publishing sector and varied industries. He strives to correlate academia with industry needs and present true learning in engaging interactive models. 

C. Sooriakumar

HaSS content

Jason is a well established teacher with eight years experience teaching language and literature in secondary schools and four years English as a Second Language teaching experience in Japan. He grew up in rural Australia where he developed a love of the outdoors and reading. He is well versed in both the Australian Curriculum and the International Baccalaureate Curriculum. Jason holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Teaching, and  Master of Teaching.


English content


Dandi Temmu joined as a Programmer for our Educational Platform, utilising JavaScript and Ruby on Rails to help build our Web Application prototype. He has a Bachelor's of Technology in Computer Systems and Networking, as well as a keen proficiency in JavaScript, Java, C, and Ruby. Dandi is from Indonesia but moved to Australia at a young age, allowing him to be proficient in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.